Welcome to the Vert.x module registry. Here you can list and search for modules that have been submitted by the Vert.x community. Currently there are modules in the database.

How it works

This site maintains a directory of Vert.x modules, and allows anyone to list and search for available modules.

Searching and Listing Modules

Please note that we don't maintain the actual modules here we just maintain a database of meta-data about the modules. The actual modules can live in any Maven repository (e.g. Maven Central or another public Maven repository), or in bintray.

You can search for modules by entering a search string in the search box and hitting the 'Search' button. You can list all modules by hitting the 'All Modules' button. Search results can ordered by date or name.

I've found a module - now what?

Once you've found a module that you want to use simply make a note of its name, and use that name in your application when deploying a module. Vert.x will lazily download and install the module the first time it is needed. Alternatively you can run 'vertx install module_name' at the command line to force it to download and install.

If the module you want to use is not in Maven Central or bintray then you will also need to add the url of the repository root to 'repos.txt' in your Vert.x installation.

Registering your own modules

Anyone can register modules in this site. By registering your module on this site you are publishing it so it can be used by other Vert.x users. You don't have to register your Vert.x modules, but by doing so you are ensuring they are seen by the widest audience.

To register your module simply fill in the register form at the bottom of the page. If your module lives in Maven Central or bintray then you just need to provide the name of your module to register it. If your module lives in some other Maven repository you will also need to provide the URI for the root of that repository.

In order to be registered successfully modules must contain the following mandatory fields in mod.json:

There are also some optional fields that we highly recommend that you fill in too:

Once a module has been submitted an email will be sent to the moderators, will then take a look at the module and approve it if all is ok. Once the module has been approved it will be visible on the site for others to list and search

How do I get my module in Maven Central or bintray?

Many JVM users are already familiar with pushing artifacts to Maven repositories such as Maven Central, and if you are one of those users, putting your modules in Maven Central might be the natural thing to do.

The Vert.x Gradle template project and the Vert.x Maven archetype are already setup to easily deploy modules to Maven. If you don't already have an account to do this please take a look at the Maven/Sonatype documentation for information on how to open an oss.sonatype.org account so you can stage artifacts for Maven Central.

For users who are not "Maven-centric" it might be easier to use bintray. You can easily open a bintray account in seconds and upload your modules so they are available. When putting a module in bintray you should put it in a repository called 'vertx-mods'. The package name should be the name of your module, and you should have a published version corresponding to your module version. The module identifier is then created by taking your username followed by '~' followed by the module name, followed by '~', followed by the version.

Here is an example: In this case the module name that you enter in the registry should be: 'timvolpe~mod-test~1.0.0-beta1'

Any problems? Drop a post on vertx@googlegroups.com

Register your module

To register your own module, fill out the registration form.

Please provide the identifier of your module so it can be verified. For modules in a Maven repository this will look like:
For example
For bintray modules it will look something like:
For example
Your module must already be in a Maven or bintray repository. Please note that we don't accept SNAPSHOT releases.
  • If your module is in Maven Central, select this.
  • If your module resides in a Maven repository other than Maven Central then select this. You also need to provide the prefix URL for it. For example
  • If your module resides in bintray, select this.
Additional information
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